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Cry’s Words of Confidence

"Breathe. Go to a mirror, take a step back, close your eyes, big breath in, slow release, open, look, smile, compliment, thumbs up, and hit life hard.

Sometimes life throws a lot of things at you. A lot. Like too much. You can’t handle it all because it’s just not possible - you’re one person in a world of billions, each numerical value of +1 on that scale has their own mountain of problems that they try to cope with in their day to day lives that in the end sometimes we lose sight of the big picture: The world is full of pain, it’s no movie, but we can’t just sit there and stagnate in the grime and not pursue our own happiness.
Grasp that shit. You take ahold of what makes you happy and make it your own. It doesn’t work out? Kick the dirt, cry a little, recover, and move on. Don’t submerge yourself so far under that sea of tears you conjured up and drown. On the grand scale of things, the world is huge. The loss of one number amongst billions would effect the entirety of it all none.
But you gotta realize something. YOUR world is what matters. The world around you, your friends, family, those who you’ve personally affected with your own existence. That is your world. That is the world you are apart of and what makes you, well, you. People are shy creatures, we mask our feelings out of fear of embarrassment and hope to not be ridiculed for things considered out of the norm - guess what? Even if most of us are cowards, afraid to step out of our safety boxes and move forward, we still long for the feeling of joy.
Smile. Life is fleeting, too short to waste a few days, weeks, months on the sadness of depression. Let the bad times help highlight and accentuate the better times. A better time doesn’t have to be something like a vacation, an amazing boyfriend giving you flowers or getting that Charizard holographic - better times can be the little things, too. That feeling of a hot shower after a long day, stretching out on your bed after jogging for an hour, the smell of beglium waffles with butter and syrup, the cool breeze during a rain shower on a cloudy day, or even the knowledge that damn, your dog is adorable even if he farts.
Just enjoy it. There will always be someone amongst those billions that cares. The internet helps link that number together easier than ever before in the history of mankind. We have your back, dammit.
That’s all. Take it easy gentlemenadies. Love. /bumpschesttwiceandflashesapeacesign”
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